sound performance with Magdalena Lazar, Gdańsk 2080. Futurological Congress, Narracje #12 Festival, Gdańsk, Poland


"Water carries sounds: swooshes, splashes, swashes. Pit, pat. Splish, splosh. Plop. Rivers, seas, even puddles all have their own, unique audiosphere – and their instrument is water.Magda Lazar and Michalina Bigaj’s composition is created using bowls and gongs joined together with a metal structure. Water plays a key role in this non-linear piece. The artists use it to bring to life tones and sounds. Flowing down the duo’s fingertips, this meditative work stretches across two evenings, inviting us to listen to a sonic waterscape. In its panorama, we may hear rattling pipes, gurgling taps, the pitter-patter of rain, the echo of waves, murmuring streams and roaring storms. Paradoxically, the inspiration behind this ‘water music’ was the ritual of burning amber – a healing method used for curing and purification. And although the artists were originally drawn to the element of fire, it was eventually contrasted with soothing water, from which Magda and Michalina will extract their broad scales and deep compositions."


Curators: Karina Kottová & Piotr Sikora