(AV17) Gallery, Vilnius, 2019


Recently, my area of interest has begun to include the sense of smell and, particularly, the problem of anosmia – a complete (innate) lack of functioning olfaction. Usually, a human being distinguishes an average of several thousand smells. I have not sensed smells since birth, neither do I have any memories related to them. Research has demonstrated that humans who do not experience olfactory stimuli have a greater risk of suffering from depression, sexual dysfunctions, and are less likely to find a suitable partner. A lack of one of the senses causes one’s organism to adapt, so the ‘malfunction’ has become unnoticeable to me, while for certain individuals in the animal world who have lost their ability to perceive smells, the loss amounts to no chance of survival. The enormous difference in an impact on functioning and quality of life between particular species and the evolution of smell throughout time became a starting point for my work on I memorized it, it did not have the aroma project. The installation consists of a ceramic form and prepared fragrances important from the perspective of different species. 


Completed as part of a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.