Gallery Kostka, MeetFactory, Prague,  2017


The point of departure for the Disingenuous Nature project is a botanic garden – a place for maintenance and germination of nature. The aim of botanic gardens is to preserve collections of living plants for research purposes, protection, education and public use. Uncontrollable natural elements, subject to subsequent mutations in such an isolated space, simultaneously receive a chance to survive in an intact state, at the expense of squandering their chances for evolution. Gardens designs, which have changed throughout European history, are also becoming a symbol of our inner conflict. Regardless of a garden type we favor – the orderly French garden, or the English garden, seemingly abolishing the regime of order and harmony – we are still choosing a structured, limited space which we strictly control. We live under the illusion of making decisions about communing with nature – we choose power, simultaneously laying bare our anthropocentrism. In calculated conditions of isolation, we are surrounded by objects which, in spite of being natural, are, in fact, merely a simulacrum of actual nature. They attract people who experience a substitutive sensation of communing with wild nature. The project is composed of sculptures, objects which only visually symbolize a work of nature, while, in fact, being her mere simulacrum, and a cycle of photographs and objects produced primarily on the basis of on-line DIY tutorials, demonstrating the ways in which natural-seeming things can be made at home.