installation, 2014/2015


30 Days for Nature is an expression of longing for nature in a form no longer available to us. I began working on the project in the summer of 2014. The cycle was based on an activity alluding to the concept of “earth-body-sculpture” formulated by Ana Mendieta. Every day for 30 days, I sought out a natural space where I performed an act of connecting with nature. The work resulted in a video, documenting the ritual, and 30 photographs of ephemeral traces left on my body. The unreciprocated gesture I performed is an attempt at the impossible – retrieving the primordial bond with nature. I discovered a conceptually parallel activity in the work of the Czech performer, Petr Štembera, who in the 70s performed an action entitled Grafting, in which he transplanted a portion of a plant into his arm, using horticultural grafting agents. After several days, the performer suffered an infection. Similarly to 30 Days for Nature, his action had been doomed to failure with full knowledge of the fact. Conducting the project, I unconsciously approached the forest as a human tissue, associating collected branches, which were, in a sense, rejected by this enormous mechanism, with bones. I materialized the association by producing ceramics casts.